Angel Sound 41426 Fetal Doppler

For expectant parents, there is nothing like technology to bring a smile of anticipation on their faces. Technology has made it possible to see their little one in 3D through ultrasound exams, and has even paved a way to allow mommies- and daddies-to-be to hear baby’s heartbeat, to make sure he or she is ‘alive and kicking’.  After all, a baby’s heartbeat tells everything doctors and expectant parents need to know about a child’s well-being in the womb.

Heartbeats are rhythmic sounds heard from the heart through a device, such as a stethoscope, or a Doppler. These sounds vary, depending on how much blood is pumped by the heart, and how vigorous the muscles of the heart are. These have crucial implications, then, on how well the rest of the body is supplied with oxygen-carrying blood. Oxygen is very important in keeping the brain and all the cells in the body alive. Deprivation of oxygen can cause irreversible damage and death to cells, tissues, and even organs.  Therefore, if a fetus’s heart sounds, rate and rhythm meet the medical standards, they are a good indication of his or her overall health in utero.

A few years ago, busy parents had to make time for a doctor’s appointment every time they were worried about the condition of their baby in utero. Let’s admit it, these doctor’s appointments are not always convenient, and they cost time, money and effort. But is going to see your doctor just to hear your baby’s heartbeat and ensure his or her safety really your only option?

The Angel Sound 41426 Fetal Doppler has certainly revolutionized the way expectant mothers take charge of their baby’s development in the womb. It is a product that is amazingly true to its name. At a very reasonable price, it allows expectant parents to hear their little angel’s heartbeat as early as the twelfth week of pregnancy right in the comfort of their own home.

This home Doppler device utilizes the same technology adopted by ultrasound studies. This means, consumers can be assured of clear, high-quality, and real-time sounds from within the womb. It is battery-operated, which means it is safe and mobile (as in, can be used practically anywhere). Unlike traditional hospital Dopplers and ultrasound machines, it does not need a gel to work, so less fuss and mess for mommy.  The product set is inclusive of a recording cable, with which you can record your precious one’s first sounds and heartbeats, and be able to play them and cherish them for life. You can easily connect the device to your computer, and record the sounds, and play them for friends and family who are just are excited as you are about your little one.

The box includes the fetal Doppler device, the recording cable, and headphones for better sound quality.

Your doctor can tell you what’s normal from what isn’t, as this is relative to your child’s age in the womb. If you have a delicate pregnancy, and would like to keep watch at all times, then this product will definitely be your best friend.

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