Cycle Beads for Ovulation Prediction

A cycle bead is a tool that women use to predict the ovulation cycle by ways of the Standard Days Method also known as Calendar method. This method enables a woman to estimate her fertile days based on a record of previous menstrual cycle lengths. A cycle bead is a chain of colored beads that indicates the stages of your cycle and tracks your fertile days. This is helpful to women who want to increase their chances of getting pregnant using the natural way.

What is the Ovulation Process?

Ovulation is the process in which a ripened ovarian follicle ruptures and produces an ovum or commonly called an egg. Ovulation is controlled by the hypothalamus in the brain wherein release of hormones called luteinizing hormone (LH) and follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH) happens necessary to complete the menstrual cycle. As the days get nearer to ovulation the woman becomes highly fertile. This is characterized by vaginal discharge of sticky transparent mucus, a spike in basal body temperature and some reports heightened smell.

How does it work?

Cycle beads for ovulation prediction are used by many women who are tying to get pregnant without introducing products into their bodies. The colored beads stand for a day on your menstrual cycle and the color indicates if you are fertile on a particular day. A rubber ring is placed on the red bead of your first day of menstrual cycle and as the day goes on move the ring one bead per day, an arrow is present to point to which direction to move the ring. If the rubber ring is on the dark or red colored bead then there is less chance of conception. If the rubber ring has reached the white beads usually on day 8 to day 19 this will indicate that you are near ovulation or you are already ovulating. The white beads represent increased fertility and high chances of becoming pregnant.

It is affordable and very easy to use. Has no side effect since there are no products introduced into the body. Highly effective in predicting your fertile days in which chances of pregnancy is at most high.

The cycle beads are not meant as a contraceptive and do not ensure that on your non-fertile days you are not going to get pregnant if you engaged in sexual intercourse. The length of every woman’s menstrual cycle is different; some lasts longer while others have irregular patterns and this affects a woman’s ovulation. Cycle beads are effective in increasing awareness of a woman’s ovulation in a safe and natural way.

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