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Understanding Recurring Dreams During Pregnancy

Anxiety and stress during pregnancy may lead to not sleeping well or many nights without any sleep at all, along with the changes your body is experiencing, recurring dreams may be part of the problem. These recurring dreams can may you more tense and even fearful of their meanings.

Sleeping Disturbances During Pregnancy

During pregnancy women experience different sleeping disorders most of the times associated with stress, anxiety, hormonal changes, backache and physical discomfort, which increases as the pregnancy progresses. For a pregnant woman it is more difficult to find a comfortable position most of the time during sleep.

Saying No To Pregnancy Depression

When there is nothing that you want than getting pregnant and you are so excited about facing physical and psychological changes but there is always the risk of suffering a sudden depression attributed to hormonal changes.

Routine Medical Visits

Pregnant women should remember that visits to the doctor are not limited to the first visit to learn that you are pregnant and the time when you start labor and have your baby.

Reviewing Your Emotions

While every pregnancy is a unique experience for each woman, some changes are common to all of them including both physical and emotional changes that require understanding to have a positive experience after birth.

Pregnant Women and Their Emotions

Emotions during pregnancy vary from a happy experience to fears and anxiety. The way in which every single pregnant woman experiences this array of emotions varies from one to another.

Pregnant Women and Addiction

Pregnancy is a precious gift that most women receive at some point in their life, some of them with a few conception problems facing fertility treatments, some others at unwanted or unexpected times but a possibility for all of them, including women with addictions.

Emotions and Conception

No matter how hard you are trying, time is passing by and you cannot get pregnant. Fertility methods failed and understanding the basics of evolutions does not work either.

Personal Appearance During Pregnancy

You have been wishing to get pregnant for long time, dreaming of the moment of giving birth, but forgetting about the associated overall changes that sometimes are not as pleasant as you would expect.

Nine Months of Comfort

Being pregnant is a contradictory time in terms of your emotions. While your heart is happy dreaming of the delivery day, your eyes are unpleasant watching the changes your body experiences during pregnancy.

Managing Stress During Pregnancy

Pregnancy involves many changes: in women, not only those to do with their body but also in their lifestyle and emotions which often adds stress to their life, particularly for those busy pregnant women facing demands at work and at home.

Depression After Childbirth

The expectant woman is now the mother of a newborn but after giving birth is more likely to suffer PostPartum Depression (PPD), particularly if you have any of the factors that increase the risk of developing this condition.