Just because you’re having a baby, doesn’t mean you have to miss out on the latest fashions and looks. Maternity clothing has evolved in the past decade from a market dominated by shapeless smocks to a sub-sector of fashion in its own right, meaning expectant mums can look great from the first month to the last. Here’s how to take advantage of the fab new styles out there.

1. Don’t just buy the ‘next size up’: Common practice in the days when maternity clothing was limited to a few less-than-stylish brands, buying the next size up in regular clothes is now an absolute no-no. Instead, go for clothes that are designed for expectant mums – they’ll flatter your shape while skimming over the areas you’d rather have covered. One exception to the rule is where current fashions lend themselves to bump-covering. Flowing summer maxi dresses, for example, look great on pregnant women.

2. Hit the high street: High street stores such as Next now stock a great range of maternity clothing, so you can shop for pregnancy wear just as you would do for fashion normally. Remember, your shape will change throughout your pregnancy so look for stretch materials or clothes that can be altered with buckles or buttons to make them roomier. Most of the larger high street chains now have online stores too with good returns options, so you needn’t exhaust yourself traipsing round town.

Stripe strappy dress from Next, £32

3. Know what suits you: Dressing for your body shape is just as important when you’re pregnant – so don’t assume that the clothes that suited your mate when she was expecting will look good on you. Experiment with different styles, and don’t be afraid to go for clinging, fitted styles. If you’ve got it, why not flaunt it?

4. Pamper yourself: A great wardrobe is just the first step to looking great when you’re pregnant. Good pregnancy hair care will keep your locks shiny and gorgeous, and look for body and makeup products which are natural, organic and suitable for expectant mothers. Finally, if you’re feeling run-down, then why not treat yourself to a massage or a spa treatment? It should leave you glowing and looking gorgeous.

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