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Fitness / Exercise

Yoga Workout At Home

Yoga is good for Stress Relief and stress may become a normal condition during pregnancy, particular for new mothers-to-be expecting the unexpected sometimes as part of those unwanted fears of the first time, in addition to all myths and horror stores around being pregnant.

Why You Need to Exercise During Pregnancy

Exercising will be healthy throughout our entire life but exercise during pregnancy is a must and highly recommend for most women except if any circumstance or condition exists that may harm the mother-to-be or the baby, such as in high-risk pregnancies.

Ten Pregnancy Exercise Commandments

The following are ten tips for exercising while pregnant to continue living a healthy life.

What Exercise Can Do For Pregnant Women

Once you understand the importance of exercising during pregnancy, many questions can be still on your mind while you try to determine what the exact benefits of a healthy fitness program.

Pregnancy Yoga Time

Ancient disciplines have gained renowned reputation in present time. Among them Yoga is the most suitable and gentle fitness workout routine which strengthens your body, touches your heart and elevates your spirit.

Benefits of Walking During Pregnancy

The simplest and safest way to exercise during pregnancy is walking, the most recommended activity to help your body withstand the stress of the expecting months and labor.

Exercise or Not During Pregnancy

Getting pregnant is not a synonym for inactivity or abandoning your sporting routines if you already have one, however as the body changes, your activities and exercise level must change making it proper for the different pregnancy stages.

Gear List for Pregnant Women

Like any other sport or exercising activity, your fitness routine during pregnancy requires some special "equipment", nothing fancy but intended to aid you in enjoying your exercise activities and making sure you are comfortable and your baby is safe even if you are only planning to walk or swim.

Fitness Limitations During Pregnancy

Exercising is always good, except when a medical condition limits your desire to stay in good shape. During pregnancy, this may put your health in risk and consequently your baby wellness.

Exercising Before Childbirth

Okay, you have been exercising for more than 6 months during your pregnancy even when more than you use to before feeling any type of pain without decreasing any of your activities.

Exercise Warnings and Tips For Pregnant Moms

First warning to bear in mind when it comes to exercise during pregnancy will always be to talk with your doctor for the approval of your exercise program even if it is only walking.

Avoiding Exercise During Pregnancy

Exercise is always healthy and being pregnant is not going to be an exception to the rule, but depending on your specific needs, the type and amount of exercise will need to be adjusted decreasing exercise performance to satisfy the diverse physiologic and lifestyle changes associated with pregnancy.