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Preparation / Planning

Where Will You Give Birth?

In the past, women stayed at home until the day labor started, isolated from both people and medical assistance, except for the husband or a member of the family if not just a non-qualified midwife putting at risk the baby and the expectant mother's lives.

Pregnancy Delays...

No matter how often you and your partner are having sex, something seems to be wrong the time keeps passing by and you cannot conceive a baby.

Pre-Pregnancy Planning

Pregnancy is one of the most important stages of any women's life but very few of them consider the importance of planning the pregnancy, and taking a few health care measures before conception to aid in having a baby with no health problems, including inherited or congenital problems developed silently by the mother-to-be.

Preparing To Get Pregnant

Nowadays, when it comes to finding the right moment to get pregnant, we can read printed literature, hear about myths and superstitions, seek medical advice and even use software online to calculate your fertile time but how much do you really know about the ovulation process?

Preconception Checklist

Before planning to get pregnant, women should know there are many Prenatal Diagnostic Centers nationwide offering comprehensive program to help them with genetic counseling and testing prior to conception and during their pregnancy.

Planning Your Baby Screening

The anticipation is over and the new baby has arrived, happiness abounds and the new parents spread their joy to the world, end of the story? Of course not.

Are You Already Pregnant?

Before you begin to get prepared, you need to know first if you are already pregnant. Most women use as an early sign of pregnancy as the first missing period when this symptom could be associated to other disorders sometimes or metabolism adjusting to increasing needs or hormonal changes.

Importance of Pregnancy Planning

Pregnancy is one of the most exciting and important events in each woman's life involving many factors that should be considered in advance such as changes in diet, habits and lifestyle that may be worked out with your doctor before, during and after the pregnancy.

Getting Ready for The Baby's Arrival

Nine months have gone and you are so excited sharing with your husband those dreams and plans already dreamed and planned but now as the time draws closer you find you are not ready.

Expecting Labor and Delivery

Dream of the cherished moment when the newborn will be in your arms may be pleasant but women feel their pregnancy is a never-ending time until their due date.

Do Not Forget Folic Acid

The idea of becoming a mother and the excitement of having a newborn in the home is one that brings enjoyment and celebration for the mother-to-be including on the shopping and the baby showers but is your body ready for pregnancy.

Caring for Yourself After Birthing

Are you ready to take care of you after giving birth? Postpartum period usually is not planned because most women assume after birthing the pregnancy is over and there is nothing more to care for except the baby, however that is not how it is.

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