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Most doctors will tell you to stir clear of your favorite cocktail while you are pregnant. Resource materials warn expectant mothers against the dangers of alcohol consumption to the fetus. However, a couple of recent studies done on this issue has led researchers to believe that the occasional drink (read: light) is not enough to [...]

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Perhaps one of the most painful situations a woman can be in is not getting pregnant when she really wants to. Not being able to fulfill the role of mother pains the heart of women who really longs to be one. Some women even tend to isolate themselves from meeting friends who already are parents [...]

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Getting pregnant may be very easy for some, but other couples may have a hard time. These couples may give up and think that one of them is infertile and automatically seek medical consultation. The medical results prove that nothing is wrong physically. What could be the hindrance to getting pregnant are you and your [...]

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