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Although most newborn infants are born healthy and ready to meet the challenges o f the outside world, not all of them are so fortunate. Some newborn infants have an abnormality that causes disfigurement for life, a mental handicap, or a complication that will shorten their life. Many of these problems can be noticed at [...]

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What every woman should know during pregnancy is that what she does greatly determines the health of her baby and the success of the entire pregnancy. Pregnant women especially first time mothers want to ensure that what they are doing are perfectly safe not just for her own, but most especially the baby inside her. [...]

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It is common knowledge that we live in a society filled with high standards when it comes to being beautiful. All of us want to look like our favorite celebrities, which is why we tend to do all the things that will make us closer to how our idols look. From the clothes that they [...]

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