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Abortion is a medical procedure of terminating a pregnancy by expulsion of the embryo from the uterus. It can occur spontaneously from a pregnancy complication and can also be induced. There are two kinds of abortion namely 1.) Therapeutic abortion, which is usually done to save the mother’s life; 2.) Elective abortion, termination of pregnancy [...]

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Pregnant women these days admittedly suffer from a host of problems specifically ailments and illnesses that seem to pop out from nowhere. With the advent of several diseases inflicting humans, it is but normal for a parent to show concern, sometimes exaggerated over possible diseases. The vulnerability is certain and the presence of another life [...]

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Whether you bleed in the early, middle or late pregnancy, one thing is certain, it should be assessed and evaluated by your doctor. Such occurrence whether in minimal amounts or not, should necessitate a visit to the clinic or the emergency department. When you are pregnant, anything that could possibly harm you or your baby [...]

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