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C-Section Incision Care When you give birth to your baby through Caesarean Section, you can expect that you will have a longer stay in the hospital compared to those who delivered through Normal Spontaneous Birth.  During your stay, you are given pain medications for post-operative pains. Before leaving the hospital, your staples and stitches will [...]

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Everyone likes big babies. We often equate cuteness to how big our baby is. The chubbier he is, the more attention he gets from family, friends and even strangers. But is your baby’s weight an indication of how healthy or sick he can be? Let’s find out. Immediately after birth, your baby’s weight is measured. [...]

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It has been an established fact that one of the deadliest diseases that has affected human kind is Human Immunodeficiency Virus, popularly known as HIV. With HIV, no one is spared, even a baby can be affected by the virus. The minute virus can be easily transferred from an infected mother to her baby through [...]

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