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 What is uterine rupture and how does it happen?  Uterine rupture is a tear in the uterine wall and usually occurs at the site of a previous caesarian surgical site. During complete uterine rupture, the tear extends through all the layers of the uterine wall and the possible consequences may indicate an alarming situation for [...]

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Cesarean section is one experience that a mother can never forget. Though some may that when undergoing a cesarean section, one may not be able to feel the sacrifice of being a mother being able to experience labor and child bearing. Women are told by their mothers and mothers-in-law that they should not have more than [...]

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You won’t feel any pain during a C-section, although you may feel sensations like pulling and pressure. One of the most common post-operative complaints is gas pain. Intense gas pains are a common complaint after a cesarean. This occurs because during the operation the intestines are shifted, they can twist, trapping gas in the process. [...]

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