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 When you’re pregnant, your primary concern is your health and the baby’s. Pregnancy may not be that easy to some women who belong to the high risk category. Careful monitoringof their overall health condition is very vital during this time to ensure safety. Most women nowadays are workaholic. They usually work for more than 8 [...]

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Information on tea is easily and readily accessible. All you have to do is turn on your television to see the tea advertisements or surf the wide internet for tea details. Smoking is not the only dangerous thing you can do while you are pregnant. Drinking coffee during pregnancy has serious effects on the baby [...]

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Sleep apnea is characterized by having a stop of breathing and shallow breaths during sleep. The stop of breathing during sleep can last for several seconds to a couple minutes. When the person resumes breathing again he or she snores and makes like a choking sound. As this happen the person can wake up completely [...]

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