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A fertility predictor is characterized as a tool that determines the time of your ovulation where you are most likely to become pregnant. It is similar to an ovulation predictor and is commonly used by women who want to get pregnant. It gives you a general picture of what time of the month you are [...]

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If you are trying for a baby, being clueless can leave you hopeless. In this article, the most common questions women and couples have about getting pregnant are answered.  When is the best time to see my doctor – before I become pregnant, or when I’m already pregnant? The best time to consult with a [...]

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Most people have different concepts of infertility and unfortunately most of these ideologies are not accurate and have no scientific basis, in other words they are almost always hear say. Here are some of those misconceived perceptions about infertility to help us distinguish facts from faux. Myth 1: Infertility affects women only. It is not [...]

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