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Congratulations! Knowing that you are pregnant is one of the greatest news you could ever hear especially if you have been dreaming to become a mother all your life. The excitement and happiness is added when your partner and the rest of your loved ones know that you are becoming a mother soon. Aside from [...]

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Every woman dreams to have a perfect pregnancy. For every expectant mother, all they want is a healthy pregnancy from the time of conception until the date of delivery. But there are those mothers who are unlucky enough to get pregnant with some health issues. Because almost every woman thinks that pregnancies are complicated, any [...]

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During pregnancy the mother should put all her efforts in taking good care of her health. It is through this time wherein she is not only in charge of herself but also that of her baby. One small action like eating unhealthy foods and cigarette smoking can lead to birth defects and some disease conditions [...]

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