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Diabetes is one of the most common conditions that affect pregnant mothers. For mothers who were diagnosed to have diabetes before getting pregnant, surely they are bothered as to how can they have a successful pregnancy without risking her health and of course the baby. However, pregnant mothers need not worry much. Diabetic mothers can [...]

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Pregnancy is not an easy part in a woman’s life. It has its own ups and downs and the woman needs a lot of support as this time. Ideally, a pregnant woman has her partner throughout the entire pregnancy. Both the man and woman serve as a team in ensuring that both the mother and [...]

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Pregnancy is the time wherein the mother needs to ensure that she eats the right kinds of food. This is not only for her health but most especially for the baby. What the mother puts in her mouth is what the baby is eating too. During pregnancy, the mother’s nutritional demands double to supply enough [...]

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