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Smoke inhaled directly from another person’s cigarette is twice as dangerous and harmful to any individual. What more for a pregnant woman who carries an unborn child who can directly receive all its harmful effects inside the womb. Passive smoking or second hand smoke puts the baby at risk for congenital defects by 13 percent [...]

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Dilatation and curettage or most commonly known as D&C is a very common procedure done to women. Perhaps when someone hears the word D&C what normally comes to mind is it is a procedure done after a miscarriage. The statement is true but there is more to dilatation and curettage than that. Dilatation and curettage [...]

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Birth control methods are used to prevent fertilization and interrupt chances of pregnancy. Now a day’s the use of such methods are widely used to couples who don’t want to conceive, protect oneself from sexually transmitted diseases, and to treat some conditions. However, majority of those who do birth control use these methods to stop [...]

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