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Pregnancy is the time wherein a woman does extra efforts to take care of herself. This is so because what she does greatly affects what the outcome of the pregnancy will be. A slight mistake can lead to harmful effects to the baby and even worse cause termination of pregnancy. If you are pregnant and [...]

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Being overweight certainly won’t do anything good to the body. It is associated with a lot of conditions like hypertension, diabetes, and even some cancers. During pregnancy, women are discouraged to weigh more than they should because they can be prone to a lot of complications in pregnancy. It is linked to pregnancy induced hypertension, [...]

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During pregnancy it is very important that the mother is at her best of health. One small abnormality may lead to harmful effects to the fetus and the success of the entire pregnancy. That is why it is a must for every pregnant mother to always submit herself to prenatal check-ups and follow what her [...]

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