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They say laughter is the best medicine, and for reproductively challenged couples who are exploring in – vitro fertilization treatments, it could not be any truer. According to a small research recently conducted by a team of Israeli scientists, the chances of achieving successful IVF results were more likely in women who were amused by [...]

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Have you experienced reading through books and browsing through the internet about available fertility treatments and you didn’t understand a single thing? Fertility names for example can already be overwhelming because they sound like episodes of a sci-fi movie. In this article we are going to simplify the top 5 fertility treatments for you. Intrauterine [...]

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It’ no longer a secret that light has a direct impact on how the male and female reproductive systems work. In this age and time when people are considering the less invasive treatments over risky procedures if at all possible, light therapy could be shining its way through. Today the science of light has taken [...]

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