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Ideally a mother should give birth to her baby via the vaginal canal. But there would be some circumstances that prevent a woman from giving birth the natural way. Sometimes the mother has to give birth via cesarean section. This may be because of complications during pregnancy that makes it dangerous for the mother to give [...]

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Every mother who gets pregnant wishes that everything goes well during pregnancy. She hopes to have no complications that can harm her health and give defects to her baby. Mothers also wish that she gives birth normally and hopes that there would be no complications especially during labor and delivery. Although every woman who gets [...]

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At last! You have delivered your little precious one and you feel like the zenith of all your discomforts and burdens have come to an end. But wait, you still have the post partum period, and this is the time immediately after birth onwards. This is actually an essential phase wherein you are expected to [...]

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