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It’ no longer a secret that light has a direct impact on how the male and female reproductive systems work. In this age and time when people are considering the less invasive treatments over risky procedures if at all possible, light therapy could be shining its way through. Today the science of light has taken [...]

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A woman’s ability to become pregnant, sustain a risk-free pregnancy, and give birth to a healthy baby minus complications rely not on her lifestyle choices before and while she is pregnant, but on meticulous care and attention given to her reproductive system way before she even thinks about having a baby. Routine screening tests may [...]

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Infertility is never an issue until it is staring a couple in the nose. A couple will usually try for some months before they begin to suspect a problem in their ability to make a baby. They may resort to attempts to make conception successful, such as strictly scheduling intercourse or following old wives’ tales [...]

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