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If you’ve just had a miscarriage, knowing appropriate care of your body can somehow help you get through this very stressful moment in your life. A miscarriage is also known as spontaneous abortion and can happen in about 20 percent of all pregnancies. Having experienced miscarriages in the past does not mean that a woman [...]

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Pregnancy brings a lot of surprises. Some parents may end up having sleepless nights because of mixed emotions. Pregnant women may have all the luxury in the world to continue the pregnancy but some may experience problems along the way. When you’re pregnant, you have to follow certain procedures and steps to ensure a healthy [...]

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Pregnancy is not an easy ordeal. Expectant moms should follow strict doctor’s advice including proper rest and sleep, proper diet and nutrition, exercisee, medical check-ups, medication compliance and should minimize stress as much as possible especially those pregnant moms who are at risk for developing complications. Unfortunately, some expectant moms may end up losing their [...]

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