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 This is a common question women ask. We all know that conception can most likely occur during the middle of a menstrual cycle because this is when ovulation takes place. Most of you will be surprised to know that women can also get pregnant during their period. A study made by the National Institutes of [...]

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A fertility predictor is characterized as a tool that determines the time of your ovulation where you are most likely to become pregnant. It is similar to an ovulation predictor and is commonly used by women who want to get pregnant. It gives you a general picture of what time of the month you are [...]

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Most women think that having sexual intercourse while having their menstruation gives them one hundred percent assurance that they are safe from pregnancy. That is the reason why despite how messy and inconvenient it is to have sexual contact during a woman’s monthly period, a lot of couples still do it. To them this is [...]

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