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Obstetrical complications are rare during pregnancy but they can occur at any time during the three trimesters.  The 3 types of obstetrical complications are based on their time of occurrence, during the first trimester, in later stages of pregnancy and when the baby is ready to be delivered. Complications that happen during the first trimester [...]

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Preeclampsia is considered as pregnancy induced hypertension. Also called toxaemia, this is one of the most common causes of mortality worldwide. The expectant mom may have a shooting and increased blood pressure, fluid retention and other signs that can pose a risk to both the mom and the infant. Risks The following may place a [...]

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Preeclampsia is a condition characterized by a high blood pressure in the mother during pregnancy and presence of protein in the urine of medically called as proteinuria.  Preeclampsia can bring moderate increase in the blood pressure of a pregnant woman but if left untreated it can cause potential risk to the baby and the mother. [...]

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