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There are so many discomforts that a mother can experience during pregnancy and she needs all the pampering because she deserves it. One of the best ways wherein a woman can pamper herself during pregnancy is by having a massage.  Some may be reluctant to have massage during pregnancy for the fear that it may [...]

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Having normal sperm volume is very important for males to have so that he can impregnate his partner especially when they feel that it is about time to have a baby. However, not all males have the same capability to get their partners pregnant. There are males that have problems with their sperm volume which [...]

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Getting pregnant may be very easy for some, but other couples may have a hard time. These couples may give up and think that one of them is infertile and automatically seek medical consultation. The medical results prove that nothing is wrong physically. What could be the hindrance to getting pregnant are you and your [...]

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