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Smoke inhaled directly from another person’s cigarette is twice as dangerous and harmful to any individual. What more for a pregnant woman who carries an unborn child who can directly receive all its harmful effects inside the womb. Passive smoking or second hand smoke puts the baby at risk for congenital defects by 13 percent [...]

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One of the most common conditions that can affect mothers during pregnancy is acid reflux. As a matter of fact, it has been estimated that almost half of the entire pregnant mothers’ population have experienced having acid reflux one or more episodes during pregnancy. Acid reflux can happen to anybody, but higher incidence of the [...]

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It is a known fact that pregnancy is a sensitive condition a woman undergoes. In this regard, it is expected of them to take care of their bodies in order to make sure that the health of the baby is not compromised. But even the thought of having a baby inside the womb of some [...]

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