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It is common knowledge that pregnant women go through a lot of hardships during pregnancy. Aside from that, she is bound to have so many changes which can either be physically and mentally. Physically she can experience bouts of morning sickness (nausea and vomiting), pains (back and legs) especially when pregnancy progresses, and skin changes [...]

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There are so many discomforts that a mother can experience during pregnancy and she needs all the pampering because she deserves it. One of the best ways wherein a woman can pamper herself during pregnancy is by having a massage.  Some may be reluctant to have massage during pregnancy for the fear that it may [...]

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For the past months you have been used of just staying at home because you needed to prepare yourself for pregnancy and the baby after pregnancy. You were hands on your duties as wife-mom and your world basically revolved around your home. That is why most mothers have a hard time adjusting to the transition [...]

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