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Many people have associated nausea and vomiting as cardinal signs that a woman is having a baby. This observation has stemmed from the time where ultrasound and pregnancy kits have not been put to existence yet and people only rely on physical changes that takes place in a woman’s body. However in the modern era [...]

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The fact can’t be discounted that all parents are excited for the arrival of their little angel. Parents often imagine on how their babies will look like. They are often thinking on what features will the baby be getting from either both mommy and daddy. That is why during prenatal visits most parents ask their [...]

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For a couple who want to have a baby for the longest time, learning that the woman is pregnant would mean the happiest days of their lives. But what could me more exciting is to know that you have been blessed double. For women who have been taking fertility pills, on in vitro fertilization (IVF) and [...]

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