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As early as the first trimester of pregnancy, a mother-to-be starts to look for different foods she may have wanted to eat. Chocolates, green mangoes, smoothies, pastries and others are usually the object of cravings. Yes, you are pregnant and you need to double the calories you are having each day. But it does not [...]

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Getting pregnant may be very easy for some, but other couples may have a hard time. These couples may give up and think that one of them is infertile and automatically seek medical consultation. The medical results prove that nothing is wrong physically. What could be the hindrance to getting pregnant are you and your [...]

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Sleep apnea is characterized by having a stop of breathing and shallow breaths during sleep. The stop of breathing during sleep can last for several seconds to a couple minutes. When the person resumes breathing again he or she snores and makes like a choking sound. As this happen the person can wake up completely [...]

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