Our tips and advice on keeping kids safe in the sun, and enjoying a family holiday in Spain with On The Beach

With the Easter holidays drawing to a close, mums and dads up and down the country may be still recovering from their first taste of kids-on-holiday mode. Maybe it’s terrifying. Maybe you had the time of your life. But either way, it’s certain that a much larger holiday spectre will soon loom over you – the seemingly endless, often rainy, British summer holiday.

Mum and Dad need a rest too, which is perhaps why so many of us are still finding ways to holiday abroad despite the recession. For many UK tourists, a holiday in Spain is the most obvious and desirable option. And why shouldn’t it be? A two hour flight away, plenty of sunny beaches, excellent weather, great food and friendly people make it the ideal holiday destination.

But if this is a change from the British climactic norm (which, let’s face it, Spain’s 30 degree-plus summer heat can be) then your children’s health and protection becomes extremely important.

Skincare is one of the most delicate – and most casually ignored – kind of health protection for your children. Yet children’s skin is more sensitive than adult skin, especially kids who have grown up in a climate like Britain’s which, for the majority of the year, is cloudy or rainy.

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Beachside life requires a different level of awareness and caution when it comes to your kids. Most important is an understanding that, especially in destinations like Spain’s Canary Islands, where there is plenty of wind and a proximity to the equator, the sun will be penetrating clouds and any other weather. Children must start off with an extremely high factor sun protection – we recommend 50 to begin with on very young children, and 30 later on.

A great tip, so as not to constantly interrupt a day by the pool, is to find a waterproof, one-application sunscreen and apply before breakfast. P20 is a good option, but will need to be topped up as soon as it is dry with something of a higher factor.

This waterproof base will provide a seal for the day, and allow you as a parent to simply top up with 30 or 50 at hour or two hour intervals – so you get some peace and quiet, and the kids aren’t wriggling around and rubbing off more suncream than gets put on!

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