Nipple Cream by Motherlove Herbal Company

One of the best moments a woman can ever be into is the time when she is finally is a mother. As what most people would say, you will never know the essence of being a woman not unless you become a mother. This is the reason why a lot of mothers are very excited to embark the journey of motherhood especially if it is her first time to be one.

But what every woman should know especially first time mothers is that in motherhood come some sacrifices. These sacrifices are both emotional and physical. Emotional sacrifices means that you need to think less of yourself and focus on the things that would most to your baby like less shopping on your part. Physical sacrifices means letting go of your previous figure to give way to a pregnant body and to take care of your body so that the baby inside won’t get hurt. Women need to get through these challenges so that she can successfully become a mother.

Aside from the stretch marks, increased flab on most the abdomen and shoulders, and decreased elasticity of the skin. One of the most common physical changes that can also be called as a sacrifice is sore and cracked nipples. Most if not all mothers have experienced having this feeling that oftentimes give first time mothers a sense of being discouraged when it comes to breast feeding.

Cracked nipples and soreness commonly happens to nursing mothers because of the pressure that the baby can put into the breasts during breastfeeding. The pressure can also cause some mothers to have their nipples to crack open and bleed in some cases. These symptoms are more evident especially when there is dry milk left on the mother’s breasts. Dry milk can cause dryness on the nipples.

The best remedy that mothers can do to avoid the pain that nipple cracks bring is by applying a nipple cream. One of the best products that have been proven to protect a woman’s nipples from soreness is Nipple Cream by Motherlove Herbal Company. A little amount of the cream applied to nipple will help relieve the pain brought about by cracked nipples. Aside from treating the pain, Nipple Cream is also good in preventing the nipples from breaking as it keep it moist. Mothers would not worry in using Nipple Cream because it is 100% safe to eat by the baby. The baby won’t feel any side effects from breastfeeding on breasts that were applied with Nipple Cream. What makes Nipple Cream the best among its contemporaries is that it can also be used to treat diaper rash and irritation on your baby’s skin.

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